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The Telling by Koyote the Blind

The Telling is a poetic and mystical psychedelic trip, performed by Koyote the Blind, a master Toltec and Nahual. These are powerful performances, best listened to when you have no interruptions and can afford to let the awareness fly into the otherworldly spaces Koyote will take you with his ancient art.

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On the Oceanic Triptych Series

Sep 30, 2017

Hello! This is Koyote the Blind.

Instead of a regular Telling, I thought this was a good moment to introduce myself to you and talk a little about what you have been listening, what the Telling is, and why I am doing this.

We just finished the series of Tellings called “Oceanic Triptych.” It is a series that evokes the vast mystical ocean beyond this material world. It is told from the point of view of Tiphareth, the sphere in the middle of the Tree of Life of the magician and the Kabbalist. It is the center of consciousness, in between existence and non-existence, between the individual consciousness of the eternal being and the collective unconscious of humanity.

The first Telling in this series is “Swelling for Her Kiss.” And presents the raw yearning of the soul for the kiss of the beloved, the eternal presence of God that alone can satiate the aspiration of the soul. It is the seeker that has come as far as it can to meet with that sacred something everyone secretly yearns for until it has penetrated the core of one’s existence. This Telling, Swelling for Her Kiss, is the aspirant’s yearning for the beloved.

The second Telling is called “The Oceanic Felling.” It was beautifully accompanied by Títo Rios and his guitar in a theater in Santa Fe, New Mexico. All Tellings are performed live and improvised, and Tito was equally improvising masterfully, following the shamanic voyage along with me. Since he is an experienced voyager of the macro-dimensions, we were able to travel together with the audience and reflect, in the music and the spoken poetry, the eternal depth of the mystical ocean. This Telling reflects the most intimate experience at the center of consciousness. It is the union of the self with the other, a loving integration of the I with the Other Self in what the Toltecs call “the Totality of the Self.”

Finally, the third and last Telling of the series is “Born of Purusha.” This Telling was performed in Santa Cruz, where we went with my crew to meet Baba Hari Dass. Babaji initiated me in Kriya Yoga in 1988, and his advice has been an ongoing catalyst for my spiritual path ever since. On the day of this Telling, I asked him the last question I was going to be able to ask him while in the flesh. His answer flowered into the third and last Telling of this series, “The Oceanic Triptych.” I asked Babaji if the work we do to wake up and evolve helps Brahma. He told me that nothing helps Brahma, because Brahma is beyond all change and all conditions. I asked, why then, was important for Jivah to do this work of liberation and transformation if it didn’t help anything real? Jivah is the point of view of the consciousness which can decide whether to direct the attention outwardly towards the World, or inwardly towards the consciousness of the True Self, Brahma. Isn’t Jivah part of the illusion as well? Why then, do we seek to turn the light of awareness inwardly, if it will help no one real? He was silent for a moment, and then said to me: “Jivah is the resident of the Palace. Brahma is the sleeper who dreams Jivah and the Palace.”

This Telling, “Born of Purusha,” presents this being who is the reflection of Purusha, the eternal soul whose true nature is the sleeping and perfectly still consciousness of Brahma.

But what, exactly, is a Telling? Through the presentation of the body of work that is the Telling, I will be dedicating some episodes to make a presentation about this art form. I want to be able to get all the Tellings out there, for the world to hear. Eventually, I hope to be able to also share the videos we have, so that both the sound as well as the visual elements can be witnessed and enjoyed. Once in a while, I will dedicate an episode, such as this one you are listening to today, to explain and expand on the art form itself, and perhaps on the background behind the creation of the series or particular Tellings.

It will take many episodes to go deep into the nature and the nuances of this art form. For now, I think it is enough to say that the Telling is a poetic performance of a Salvadoran Toltec survivor. It is live, unrehearsed and completely improvised. Because every performance has been before a live audience, there are bound to be external sounds, and the quality of the recordings will not always be optimal. However, you will find that the power of the moment of creativity of the Telling is present, and if you lend me your attention you will be transported as the live audience was when it was being created. 

Next week, I will introduce the next series: The Tavern at World’s End.

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As always, I recommend you listen to these Tellings with your headphones and avoid doing all other activities. Sit or lie down, and let the poetry take you with me into these otherworldly vistas.

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This is Koyote. Aho!